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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 16, 2015 12:37am-1:08am EDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, self defense or murder? this former honor student told police she shot her lawyer boyfriend in the face and then fired five more times. was she protecting herself? prosecutors say shayna hubers was angry her lover was breaking up with her. >> he deserved it. >> now what the video played in court may reveal. can money buy happiness? this ceo decided to do something radical about the pay gap, giving away most of his $1 million salary so his employees could all earn at least $70,000. the question is why. >> i think it is up to each of us to decide what's right for us. >> reporter: she helped lin lindsay lohan fight back against "the mean girls" but she is taking on another different social drama.
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♪ >> good evening. thank you for joining us. tonight graphic and dramatic evidence in the murder trial of a former honor student accused of shooting her boyfriend six
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times in a jealous rage as he allegedly tried to end their stormy relationship. now as the trial against shayna hubers gets underway a key piece of evidence may help the jury decide was it murder or self defense? >> i'm not a murderer. >> reporter: listen as a hysterical former honor student tells 911 she just shot her boyfriend six times. >> i grabbed it out of -- and pulled the trigger. >> reporter: the attractive shayna hubers on trial accused of killing her boyfriend in a jealous rage today we are hearing for the first time the final messages that may have led up to the killing. my love has turned to hate. it was on the night of october 12th, 2012 then 21-year-old shayna hubers went to see her off and on boyfriend, upand coming lawyer ryan poston at his apartment in highland heights, kentucky. >> they were together a year and
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a half. sometimes it was hot, sometimes cold. >> reporter: it seems the problems came to a head that night. those chilling 911 calls playing out in the courtroom. >> right in front of me. >> reporter: prosecutors say hubers killed poston out of anger when he tried to break up with her. in this police interview, taken just after the shooting in october of 2012 hubers described the final moment in painful detail. >> i picked up the gun and in me middle of his -- there was something with his arms or saying something. >> reporter: hubers says she shot him again and again. a total of six times. >> i shot him enough times to kill him. so that he wouldn't suffer. completely dead. he was still twitching and making noises. and i shot him in the head.
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>> reporter: police say they asked hubers no questions at all during the taped encounter. she just kept talking for more than two hours. >> i knew he was going to die a slow painful death. he was twitching and moaning. he was ultimately dead. >> reporter: hubers displayed a wide range of emotion. sometimes crying. at other times laughing. >> crazy. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] not funny. >> reporter: even singing. ♪ >> reporter: but in opening arguments yesterday, the defense says hubers is not guilty pointing to parts of the tape where she said she acted in self defense and statements she made that poston was frequently violent. >> he had thrown me around the
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room and hurt me and he's screaming at me telling me i was [ bleep ]. >> reporter: her own words used against here eerily familiar in another case of a beauty charged with murder. >> he body slammed me on the tile and kicked me in the ribs. >> reporter: jodi arias in they are trial pleading self defense after prosecutors allege she killed her boyfriend travis alexander in a lover's rage. >> the simple answer is he attacked me and i defended myself. >> reporter: like hubers arias also faced evidence of a killing that allegedly went far beyond a typical case of self defense. >> even if you don't really buy her claim of self defense, it is still probably a stronger case than that of jodi arias. >> the state of arizona versus josie anne arias. verdict count one. >> reporter: in arias' case the jury didn't buy it. >> we find count one first-degree murder, guilty. >> reporter: this week arias was
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sten sentenced to life without parole. no word whether hubers will testify in her trial but we have an indication of what that testimony might include. >> i was completely terrified. >> reporter: she was asked about her state of mind at the time of the killing in a bail hearing. >> what did you believe would have happened if you hasn't grabbed the gun first. >> i believe i would have been shot. >> reporter: prosecutors at that same hearing asked her to read a text she sent a friend before she went shooting with poston at a gun range. she posted this photo ten days before his death. >> i want to turn around and -- >> reporter: hubers later said that was a joke. today in court no one was laughing as the prosecution had a key witness read more text messages that hubers snent the days before the shooting. my love has turned to hate. detailing what they say are angry texts she sent to him.
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you have a small blank. your tummy looks like you guzzle beer, but also reading a text she sent to a friend that the prosecution portrayed as jealous. i think he knows i put on facebook and exmetivepletiveexpletive. >> i didn't see emotion as the pieces of evidence have been introduced. she is sure she is aware of the jury watching her because of the inkrim tating statements that have been made are. >> >> the text messages are designed to show motive to say the reason she did this was not out of self defense but anger because she was furious that he was breaking up with her. prosecutors hope those text messages support that motive. >> reporter: as testimony wrapped up today, jurors saw the final messages shayna hubers and ryan sent to each other in the hours leading up to poston's death. >> i think i need some time to myself this weekend.
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hubers responding i will be by later to get bath items. a visit poston's family clears wishes she had never made. >> they have been to court every day. certainly seeing the pictures of their son, their brother, their relative certainly seeing those pictures has not been easy but there have been no outbursts no breakdowns. >> reporter: the family told abc news, we know ryan was a caring young man. as difficult as the trial will be for our families, we look forward to justice being served. >> based on her statements alone, prosecutors have a very compelling case here. which is why i have to believe her best shot maybe her only shot, is if she can take the stand explain away some of her incriminating statements and offer compelling testimony. >> reporter: hubers has been held without bond boouz because she's considered a flight risk. investigators testified that she told family members if she saw an open door she would jet through it.
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♪ is this some sort of price on worker satisfaction. how about $70,000. the ceo of gravity payments making headlines for a taking a massive pay cut so his employees can all earn at least 70 k. now he is called boss of year
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and he may be just sparking a revolution. here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: in the star-studded galaxy of america's favorite bosses, those ceos with the highest approval ratings from their own employees, there's the likes of tim cook starbucks titan howard shurlts and amazon innovator but this week in the shadow of one man. >> effective immediately we're going to put a poll any to place. >> reporter: meet dan price, the 30-year-old ceo of little-known seattle-based gravity payments who on monday made this startling announcement to his 120-person staff. >> we're goinge a minimum 70,000 pay raise for everyone who works here. >> reporter: you heard that right. every employee at the small credit card payment company will be scaled up to a minimum annual salary of $70,000. >> why do you call ate capitalist solution? >> i think this is a winning
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move. i think this is a competitive move. i think this will allow us to be stronger. >> reporter: how will he do it? in part, he says by cutting his own salary down from $1 million to just 70 grand. how did you come to this idea? >> i can go a few years making a lot less and i want to take care of folks. this is a risk that's worth taking. so i just did it. >> reporter: some chock it up to a grand publicity move he says his motivation is deeper. >> when i think of income gap and growing inequality and the way it keeps increasing. for me that's a trend that is bad for all of us, be rich or poor. >> reporter: his critique of income disparity is the 4r5i9 nest in a growing gap of rich and poor as it reaches unprecedented levels. >> minimum wage has not kept up with inflation and it hasn't been raised in a long time. we're finally starting to see that outrage. >> reporter: today thousands of
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low-wage workers took to the streets to demand $15 an hour pay. >> really hard as a single parent to go out and try to feed your three kids with $10 an hour. >> reporter: 38-year-old melissa rodriguez was among the crowd in new york city. a full-time home health care worker who makes $10 and hour and is struggling to make ends meet. >> i'm working diligently working hard trying my best. giving my patients they work for the best that i can and that's all i'm asking for $15 so my kids can have a better place to live. so my kids can eat. >> reporter: she says she doesn't want to be on food stamps and welfare but has no other options despite her full-time job. even celebrities like paltrow has haven up the cause. trying to live on $29 a week in food to raise awareness. paltrow drew criticism for picking items like kale and limes.
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>> income inequality is one of the 2k3wr5i9est issues of our time right now. this has been simmering a long time. it is almost as if it just caught fire. >> reporter: some states raised the minimum wage above the federal guideline of $7.25 an hour, 14 states have not. >> are you hoping to change the pay structure in the u.s.? >> i hoping to change -- have more of an emphasis on leadership. to me leadership means you are actually thinking of the people you serve, the people you lead and doing everything you can to make it the best situation possible for them. >> reporter: gravity payment dan price isn't the only ceo who's listening. nick is a proud venturalist and part of the 1%. >> multiple homes, yacht my own plane. >> reporter: last year in a powerful ted talk he issued a warning. >> show me a high -- society and i will show you a police state or uprising. the pitch forks will come for us if we do not address this. it is not a matter of if but
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when. >> reporter: he says if we don't figure out a way to top distribute wealth in the nation it will collapse. >> the gap between rich and poor in this country hasn't been this great for 100 years. what you end up with a tiny minority getting richer like me but most families either staying the same or getting poor. what that is creating is a death spiral of falling demand. it is a catastrophe for the economy, but also for the democracy. >> reporter: but now the tide may be slowly turning. last june, the city of seattle changed the minimum wage to $15 an hour. making it the nation's highest hourly wage. companies like wal-mart target gap and costco have raised employee wages voluntarily. and earlier this month, mcdonald's said for the company-owned stores franchises excluded, it would raise the starting salary to $1 above local minimum wage and give workers the ability to accrue
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paid time off. back in seattle, at gravity payments the average worker made $48,000 but dan price felt it wasn't enough. >> if you are at the poverty line you want to work hard you care about what you are doing. there's always this nagging thing in the back of my head, can i make everything work. >> reporter: people across the country have taken note of his bold move. >> a lot of people have been saying best boss ever and that stuff. my statement is easy to be a great boss when you have great people around you. if i'm a great boss it is because of them and our clients. >> reporter: a pay hike for a few which may be a game changer for many. i'm ryan smith for "nightline" in new york. >> what a guy. so should ceos take personal responsibilities for closing the pay gap head to our facebook page and let us know in the comments. tina fey is never afraid to get goofy. now she is officially in on the monkey business for a documentary over two years in the making "monkey kingdom."
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♪ okay. so do you think some reality stars are the prime example of drama and social climbing? the primates you are about to meet could give them a run for their money. even high in the tree tops some are higher than others. a dow documentary over two years in the making is giving us a sneak peek inside of their world. ♪ this is not your typical nature flick. ♪ what a man what a man what a mighty good man ♪ >> reporter: monkeys in this movie strut their stuff to a funky sound track and comedian
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tina fey provides commentary as they monkey around. >> what is that? it is furry. about the size of a langer. in the movie two monkeys are trying to befriend a dog they meet by grooming him. it looks like little people doing it. that's why it is funny. dude, what are you. >> reporter: these are the stars of disney nature's new documentary "monkey kingdom." >> these are the best monkeys in the world. they have the best behavior. they are the most relatable and never a dull moment when you are filming them. ♪ >> reporter: they are used to dealing with drama. >> one monkey in particular we are following a female called maya. maya is just like any mom. she is doing the best for her kid but maya has a particular problem because she lives in a society which is very harsh. we followed all of the things
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that happened to maya as she tried to make a better lot for herself and her kid. >> reporter: things get harder for maya and her crew when rival monkeys kick them off of their turf and they are forced to temporarily trade in their lush forest for an urban jungle. oh, boy. these primates are part of a 50 year long scientific study an the disney nature team spent 2 1/2 years filming on location in sri lanka. which is why the monkeys pretty much ignore the humans. well, they usually do. >> they are so smart that on particular occasions they would use us to their advantage. roger, he was the alpha male he was being challenged by the number two and number three monkey. roger looked around. i was on the wall and he came up to me sat down put his hand on my knee and looked at the other two monkeys, as if to say you fancy some of that this these honk
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monkeys aren't big compared to me. >> reporter: they are in need of protection. they are endangered and like so many other animals in the region a fight for a habitat that is constantly shrinking. >> i hope also people get a picture for the place and the other animals there and think, wow, that's actually really quite a special place. it's a beautiful world but it has its own identity. i don't think it is particularly on people's radar. i'd like it to be. >> reporter: monkey kingdom opens in theaters this friday april 17th coming from our parent company disney. thank you for watching. we are always on-line at good night, america.
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